How to work on your Business rather than in it

Struggling to get things done? Are you barely able get the “Urgent” stuff finished let alone think about the “Important”? Work life is incredible busy and pressured these days. Our jobs and businesses are getting more complex all the time, the economic environment has been tough for the longest time and we are all plugged in to work for more hours each week.

It’s not surprising if we are frustrated that we are simply not able to get everything done in the way in which we would wish to do it. The cruel twist is that we are too busy to do anything about it!

Or are we?

If you had a day, away from the in-box and the phone calls and the constant demands of your to do list, what would you do with it? Would you be able to find ways to delegate tasks that you really don’t need to carry out personally? Would you spend a few minutes figuring out what your priorities are and how you could really make sure they get top billing? Would you figure out better strategies to deal with your colleagues and employees? Would you be able to find ways to say no to the time wasters and the emotional hoovers? Would you be able to invest more time at the right time motivating your team?

Most of us are working on the logic that we are too busy to make ourselves less busy. We convince ourselves that next month will be better, but frankly, it never is. A good coach will really help you to invest in yourself and to create the space in which to perform better and to get more from work. But you don’t need a coach to do this. Just ask yourself what you would do a “free” day (or even half a day) and then find a time when you can hold the short-term at bay for a few hours to take a longer-term view. The sooner you do it, the more time you will have.

“It is necessary to be slightly under-employed if you are to do something significant”

James Watson, (who unlocked the code to DNA along with Francis Crick)

OK, so the thought of actually being under-employed is rather a distant concept, but there is a decent point here. Basically everyone who reads this (and almost all of your employees) is being paid/rewarded for the output of your mind. Our productivity is directly related to how motivated and how in control we feel. Our results are completely a function of being able to do things that we really want to do, within the context of what we want to achieve and in the way in which we want to do them. And yet we still typically put off investing time in long term thinking because of short-term pressures.

Bite the bullet and block some time out in your diary. I promise you that you that you will thank yourself almost immediately.

But if you’re too busy then don’t worry; you’ll probably have more time next month…


Executive Coaching will improve the value of your business and will make work more rewarding. These days, most top performers in business work with a coach.

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