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Testimonials - Freeman Coaching

“Pete was extremely friendly, knowledgeable and professional.
The time spent and the advice given was comprehensive and enlightening. I would therefore have no reservations to recommend him to others.”




Lisa Aubert, Regional Director, Europe North

‪A colleague recommended Pete to me when I was looking for a leadership coach to work with myself and my management team. We were a newly formed team with a group of high achievers, high performers and keen on personal development. I wanted someone that we could work with on both a group and individual level and it was of course important that each team member could connect and feel engaged with the coach. Pete’s introduction to the team was through a 1-day workshop he delivered and I was amazed at the positive feedback I got from my team. The feedback from Pete from the day helped me understand better what I needed to do as a leader of this team to act on some changes I had wanted to make and be more effective in my communication so the team was aligned. We have continued with 1-1 coaching sessions with Pete on a quarterly basis which has helped our personal development and leadership competencies. I highly recommend Pete and he has become an integral part of our team

Tim Davies, MD, The History Press

Pete played a key role helping me create a brand new, 9-strong, senior management team, following a reorganisation of our business. His sensitivity, thoughtfulnessand light touch, facilitated a team trust and openness which continues to deliver  results today. On a personal level, his experience, insight and candour have been massively valuable to me and his patience and listening skills have helped me through some challenging times in a dynamic and rapidly-changing marketplace. I have no hesitation in recommending Pete as an Executive and Team Coach and I look forward to working with Pete again before too long.

Karl Drage, CEO at Coefficient Renewable Heating Solutions Ltd

‪Pete has been a great help in offering insight and support during some heavy duty decision making. He has a pleasant and erudite style which I have found most encouraging to work with. I would highly recommend Pete as a professional coach.

Jon Westley – Managing Director at FAB Computing Group

Pete Freeman made a profound impact on my professional development and on the evolution of my business. He is extremely intelligent and perceptive, and his broad understanding of business culture, sectors and profiling is matched by a rare gift for coaching and guiding, drawing out potential and new ways of thinking for individuals and the management team as a whole.

Outside banking, it is far too rare for the Enterprise to invest in the professional mentoring of its senior management; Pete makes it evident that such investment repays itself many times over not only on the bottom line but staff retention, productivity and corporate dynamics.
For any organization seeking to drive itself to the next level through its staff, or for individuals seeking the confidence and ‘maps’ to steer a path in their development, his organization is as good as it gets.

Nick Kirby - Managing Director at MLC Services Ltd

Pete has worked with me for nearly two years as a coach and a consultant. Pete is in my experience quite unique as he takes time to understand the real needs of your business and offers help and guidance which deliver results which fit your individual business plan. He is also not afraid to provide challenging advice if he thinks you need to reshape your thinking! In simple terms Pete is not just looking for a short term partnership with a business and is a man of highest integrity.

Rosie Kay - Artistic Director at Rosie Kay Dance Company

I would highly recommend Pete as an Executive, Business and Performance coach. He really works on all those levels to improve your own vision, clarifying and improving your business models and getting the very best from your team, your business and from yourself.

Linda Samuelsson - EMEA Business Manager at Listgrove Limited

Peter is a great coach that challenges me with the right questions. He is encouraging, realistic and honest. Peter has a humble approach, is down to earth so it is easy to feel relaxed around him. You can tell that he is interested in his own personal development and finding ways to improve his own skills, he is not one of those coaches that “know it all”! I can highly recommend Peter as a coach in business, transition or performance. You will not be disappointed.

Sue Cue - Design Manager at Altro Ltd

I had not realised the major advances of having such a constructive, third-party input from a professional who clearly understands the role required to improve my present situation. The follow-up calls were positive and motivational.

Guy Doole - Insurance Director

Pete has a lot of empathy and is a very good listener. Best of all, he can answer questions in a focused and detailed manner that shows a clear understanding of his business and gets to the root of issues. I was impressed with his capability, and would not hesitate in recommending him further to others.

Indeep Basi - M&A Consultant

In a relatively short amount of time, Pete was able to provide insightful suggestions and detailed answers to specific questions. He was able to appreciate my requirements and provide a tailor-made service. I was thoroughly impressed with my consultations and would recommend Pete Freeman thoroughly in terms of gaining clarity, exploring a range of options and compiling a strong action plan. It would be a pleasure to work with him and his firm again.

Alexander Brunel - Marketing Company Owner

Pete was able to advise me at a level appropriate to my level of expertise and experience – we engaged in an exploration of my options that was practical and good fun, too. I got plenty of plenty of to-the-point tips about how to proceed – new things that I hadn’t considered before – and I left feeling energised and ready for action. As someone who’s run my own businesses since 1996, I’ve encountered my share of consultants, coaches and advisors over the years; Pete put them all in the shade. I’m confident that his expertise could be applied in any number of business areas.
If you need to see yourself and your plans from a new angle, I’d highly recommend Freeman Coaching to help you do it.

Michelle Mills Porter - Managing Director at Uber Groups

I know I shall be replacing this endorsement in the future with stunning proof that he has been invaluable to the successful growth of my business and my brand. In the meantime, some things need to be noted for the record in the form of an interim endorsement. I TRUST Pete, beyond any doubt, or any question. He has been my counsel, my confidant and my sanity in recent times and I can’t think that any other trait can be more important when working with an Executive coach. Thank you Pete, sincerely, you have a very special perspective. Stand by for endorsement number 2…

Peter Cablis - Head of HR Shared Services UK & Ireland at G4S

I have known Pete for a number of years, both as a business owner and a coach and have used his services in both areas. I have found Pete excellent to work with because of his high levels of integrity, personable qualities and deep knowledge of all things to do with recruitment and business. On a number of occasions I have needed coaching on business matters and found Pete’s thorough and robust approach delivering the results I required. I would have no hesitation in recommending Pete to anyone that want’s to ‘Up their game’ and deliver sustainable long term results.

David Glover - Business Development Director

Pete was quick to highlight the type of environment that I’d be best suited, not only by assessing my current strengths but also those strengths being under utilised. I’d found myself not particularly at a career crossroads but more of a cul-de-sac, and through further discussions with Pete I’ve gradually re-evolved back into the person I’d hoped to be, and thus happier in the roles I am now fulfilling and the multitude of business opportunities in which I’m working .’ ‘Pete doesn’t just provide the missing ingredient but also the kitchen in which to combine everything, in which to evaluate everything you are, who you may wish to be, and the ideal role you may wish to create.

Craig Flint

I can unreservedly highly recommend the service and benefits provided by Mr. Freeman as a conduit to re-building lost self-confidence and direction in what is, without question, an extremely demanding and competitive job market at present. These factors conspire to add immense pressure and personal difficulties to a large number of unemployed people from within the professions (not to mention being very emotionally draining too) so it is, without question, an invaluable resource to take advantage of.

Pauline Antonia Taversi

My time with Pete was extremely interesting; it allowed me to have a professional point of view regarding my job search techniques: presenting me clearly with what I am doing well or where I could improve and how. It gave me confidence to know that what I was doing was good and, on the other side, having an external opinion on my mistakes and objective advice to address them gave me practical options to optimize my research.

Mark Peden

The Job Search Support Consultancy with Pete Freeman was extensive and comprehensive. All aspects of the job search were considered including: a full evaluation of my CV and how best to maximise its impact; the importance of the covering letter and how to make it work for you; the identification of new market sectors to target that might have a need for my skills; how to best identify, approach and develop new contacts; how best to initiate speculative approaches; the importance of following up on job agency contacts and the re-approaching of previously applied for positions; and the use of new networking tools that are becoming increasingly important in the professional industries. Throughout this in-depth analysis Pete was always informed by, and displayed, his professional experience and expertise in the recruitment market.

Robert Hitchman

Extremely impressed with the consultation and grateful for the constructive advice given by Pete. I intend to take his guidance on board and modify my CV and job search approach accordingly. Was particularly impressed by Pete’s willingness to take as long as needed over our discussions; I certainly wasn’t herded out of the door at the end of a specified time window- in fact I was given the impression that I could’ve stayed all afternoon if I’d wanted to. Also, the promptness of Pete’s telephone and email contact has not gone unnoticed. In conclusion, I value his professional advice enormously and feel I have gleaned many crucial tips that could mean the difference between procuring an interview and not.

Jo Camwell

Pete was great. He completely understood where I was coming from. I do have a specific goal and he understood and agreed with the processes that I am following to help me achieve it which is something I haven’t been able to discuss elsewhere. He was also really helpful in critiquing my CV and through the discussion we had he has helped to restore my faith in my own ability!! I would definitely recommend Pete’s services to anyone else in my position.

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