A Model for Staff Evaluation – PACMAN.

Are you looking for a clear framework to help manage your team? The PACMAN model quickly gives you an overview of how capable and how motivated each individual is to perform well. It is also easy to remember, which is important if it is to be a useful model.



Does the Individual have a clearly defined and realistic business plan for their area of responsibility?


Just do it. Does the Individual convert plans in to action? Do they get things done?

Commercial Focus

Is the Individual responsive to the value of each opportunity and spending their time commercially?


How Engaged Is the Individual? Is he/she rewarded for their efforts in the way which best motivates them?


Does the Individual have the Talent, Skills and Experience to do the job as well as possible?

eNhance / SyNergy!

Does the Individual work with the whole team, making the most of me & do others get on well with them, generating growth and scalability?


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