How to make sure good ideas don’t run out of steam in your business

Is it hard to make change stick in your organisation? Do people need constant supervision if they are not to slip back in to the old ways of doing things? This is a cultural problem and although this can’t be changed overnight, you can address and improve the culture of your organisation by considering “Mindset”.

Dr. Carol Dweck (Stanford University) talks about fixed and growth mindsets.

Fixed mindset people believe, as the name implies, that ability is a fixed thing.  If they are successful at something then this “proves” that they are naturally gifted.

However, if they are below target, behind schedule or under-performing compared to others, then they interpret this as implying that they are not as talented as they thought.

This is not a happy thought and the predominantly fixed mindset person will tend to give up quickly and go back to something that they can “win”.

The growth mindset person doesn’t believe that their ability is a fixed thing.  They tend to take a long-term view, embracing challenge and recovering quickly from failure.  They are less worried about being behind others (or expectations) as long as they are growing, learning, and can feel themselves moving in the right direction.

In business we tend to be results-oriented, visualising how things should be.  This is great, but we then expect to be able to create and action plans which will quickly produce significant results.  In short, the pressures of business tend to foster a kind of “corporate fixed mindset”. This means that change initiatives can easily stall, even when they are really needed.

It can be extremely powerful to promote more of a growth mindset throughout your organisation. Measure, by all means, but focus on improvement rather than tracking against pre-set targets.  Persevere with sound strategies even if it takes a while for momentum to gather pace.  Don’t let the pressures of business lead you down the frustrating path of the fixed mindset.


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