How to get back control of your Work Life

Do you feel that your work life is almost out of control? Are you just about able to get the essential stuff done and never get a chance to address the bigger issues?

You’re not on your own and it’s hardly surprising. Over the past six years, the economy has been relentlessly tough. You may well have picked up the slack for colleagues who have left, working even longer hours, with an even wider remit but probably with no additional reward.

At the same time, we have all embraced huge advances in mobile communications. This means that we can work more flexibly, but in practice the result is that we are “switched on” to work for far more hours every week.

It’s time to take action before we run ourselves in to the ground! So what can we do to take back control?

On an individual level, we can stop being driven by everyone else’s needs and can start focussing more on our own.  Set aside ten minutes each day before firing up your email. This will have a significant impact.  Review what your long term and medium term (no more than eight weeks) goals are then write down one thing that you will achieve today to move in the right direction.

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Executive Coaching will improve the value of your business and will make work more rewarding. These days, most top performers in business work with a coach.

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