It’s a classic dilemma.  You have too much on your To Do list.  Self Development would help you to be more effective and efficient, giving you a chance of getting things back under some kind of control.  But to get there you have to add more to that To Do list. Nightmare!

It’s not an easy position to be in, and most of us postpone the thought of training and development out of list of things to think about today, kicking the idea down the road.  After all, it is particularly busy at the moment and in say, three weeks or so things should be a little calmer, right?  Well, no.  Unfortunately, it’s a racing certainly that your future self will be at least as busy as your current self.

So how do we approach this problem?  Well as a Coach, I am always acutely aware that all (literally all) of my clients are already too busy.  So if I am asking them to invest time in the concept of coaching, then it’s my job to make sure I save them at least as much time as I cost them.  This seems a pretty good place to start.  What time savings can you make before you embark on self-development?


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Self Development

When you are considering any investment in training or development, then don’t think of the time costs over a short interval, such as a week, thinking of it over the course of a year, or better still three years.

Two days out of the office this week, seems a big price, but 2 days out of 225 odd this year (or 675 over the next three years) seems a far fairer way of thinking about the investment.  Similarly with the benefits.  The benefits to you of the course are likely to be minimal over the course of this week. But what about over the next year or three?

I’d encourage you to estimate how much time you will save/gain from what you will learn from your course/training/coaching sessions.  Multiply this out over your 1 or 3 year time frame and it should be a healthier looking investment.

It is still going to throw your week, but the world will keep turning and you’ll get the essential stuff done.  Think how pleasing it will be that “past you” took the right decision and coped with a bit of pain up front to create a bit more time and space for the “current you” and all those “future yous” lined up in to the distance!