There comes a time, when you have to deliver on your goals and you have to say no to other people in order to do it.

In which case, keep it simple, don’t make excuses and don’t allow a debate to begin about how and when you might be able to fit it in.  Just look them straight in the eye, smile and say “No.  Sorry I can’t help you.”

It really can be as simple as that.  If you feel a need to expand then suggest other resources that they might be able to draw on.

Whilst doing it, think about your tone and your body language.  We tend to fall in to language patterns, sounding very apologetic when we are denying a request.  But there is no need to do this.  Say no, with a smile and direct eye contact.  This will be far more effective (and clean) than if you apologise.  It will also reduce the chances of the same person coming back to you next time, because you “owe them one” for not helping last time.


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