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How to define your Strengths

Other than in a job-literal way, it is surprisingly difficult to define what our strengths are.  We might be able to say that we are really good at spotting flaws in high spec’ engineering designs, or we might understand the different tax regimes across South America, but dig beneath this, and what are we actually […]

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How to (professionally) say no to people.

There comes a time, when you have to deliver on your goals and you have to say no to other people in order to do it. In which case, keep it simple, don’t make excuses and don’t allow a debate to begin about how and when you might be able to fit it in.  Just […]

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Understand how to change a habit.

The disappointing truth is that we never get rid of old habits; we just replace them with stronger ones.  The wiring for the old habit is still there, so we need to make sure a new habit gets programmed in to our brain really comprehensively, and is then reinforced with constant use. Kelly McGonigal’s highly […]

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A simple introduction to Emotional Intelligence.

There are a number of different models for Emotional Intelligence, huddled around two main types.  I won’t bore you with the details.  The model below (which I am certified to use) is a great example and the categories are instructive. (Click on the image to enlarge) Taking the test, particularly on a 360-degree basis can […]

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