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Free Coaching Course - 60 Second Coaching Sessions

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Free Coaching Course – Bitesized 60 Second Sessions!

Interested in coaching but too busy right now to spare the time? Then sign up to enrol for this Free Coaching Course designed by Freeman Coaching!

Invest a minute or so, twice a week for the next six weeks with twelve, easy to follow mini-coaching sessions. In this Free Coaching Course you will discover the twelve most significant areas for personal development in Executive Coaching.  You will begin to feel the benefits of coaching immediately.

When you boil it down, almost all of us are paid these days to take decisions.  Unfortunately, we are all so busy that we hardly have time to think.   Its not surprising if we do not always take the best decisions we possibly can.  I’d go so far as to say that the phrase I here most often from my Clients is “I don’t have time to think any more.”  This is pretty worrying both for us as individuals and for the organisations that we work for.

Interestingly, were generally pretty good at taking the big decisions; the ones where we invest the time to weigh up the costs and the benefits, the pros and the cons.

However, these decisions are the exceptions rather than the rule.  We have to take hundreds of decisions each day without the luxury of the in depth analysis we apply to the bigger decisions.  The impact of the sum of these hundreds of smaller decisions is huge.   It is well worth investing a minute or two to ensure that the decisions we take are as clear, as thought-through and as clear from bias as they possibly can be.

Each session deals with a specific area of decision taking and should act as a catalyst for you to consider your own thinking processes and how they might be further improved.  That’s what we’re paid for after all!

Too busy? Signup to our FREE 60 Second Coaching Course


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