We tend to think that out boss doesn’t realize quite how much we do and how much the world has changed since he/she was doing the same job.  We’re probable right.

It’s natural to think that our boss might be a bit more understanding or realistic if they walked in our shoes for a day or two.  Well, maybe… but maybe not.  What if we were able to live their lives for a few days?  Would that give us a different understanding of the pressures that they are under and what things they shield us from?  Would it give a healthier perspective on why they are so demanding and why they need the results they do?

Next time you find yourself wondering at how unaware they can be, stop to think whether that lack of awareness might be reciprocal.  When you see them can you dial down the attention you give to your role and the stresses and strains you are under and spend more time asking them about how they are doing?

Acting as a sounding board, confidant, and release valve to your boss some of the time, might be really welcome and may make their role easier.  It may also give you a sharper insight in to their world and their priorities which might just be even more useful.


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